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Amirhosein Mohammadi
3 min readOct 8, 2022


We are always looking for a way to monetize the game. Currently, earning money from digital currencies is also one of the popular things.

Now this question arises, is it possible to earn money from the game?
In answer to this question, yes, it is possible.

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  • How to Play
  • Earning Cash
  • How To Get Paid
  • Download & Invitation Code

Important and key things

You should keep this point in mind, that all the games that are introduced to you with the title of making money through digital currencies on the Internet do not have the possibility of making money.

Some of these games will present you with one of the following challenges when requesting a withdrawal:

  1. You have to pay a fee.
  2. You should see a lot of ads.
  3. You have to wait a long time.
  4. They do not have transparency in some cases.
  5. There is no support service in most cases to track withdrawals.
  6. The minimum withdrawal is very high.

In spite of all this, today I want to introduce a game that gives you free TRON and has also withdrawn money as of the date of this article. 😅


TopRich is one more combining game in which players open new vehicles by blending those at a similar level. As you open new vehicles, you will gather virtual dollars that might be liquidated out assuming you meet specific necessities.

There are likewise profit vehicles that probably pay 20% of the stage’s publicizing income. Procuring a portion of the organization’s benefits only for playing their game appears to be unrealistic.

How to Play


It’s actual basic! Purchase cars utilizing Gold and join indistinguishable cars to open new ones at a more elevated level.

Each car will continue to move around and around and procure a particular measure of Gold every step of the way. The higher its level, the more Gold it will produce each second.

For instance, a car level 1 produces 1 Gold/s, though a car level 13 honors 8,191/s.

Despite the fact that you are procuring significantly more Gold with more significant level cars, it requires a long investment to accomplish progress.

Subsequently, you will be captivated to watch a video promotion in return for 2 hours of gold. This will assist you with purchasing more significant level cars and accelerate the game.

Earning Cash


In the first place, TopRich will give you $0.20 — $0.35 each 2 or 3 opened cars. Not at all like other cash games, you don’t have to watch a video to gather the prize.

For time to time you, you will get a dividend car, which pays 20% of the organization’s promotion revenue. There is a restriction of 100,000 cars each day granted on a first-come, firs-served premise.

As indicated by TopRich, you can get dividends by combining two high level cars or through consistent interactivity.

While I was trying the game, I acquired three dividends worth $0.20 each.

How To Get Paid

TopRich gives see six withdrawal sums:

  • $0.05
  • $0.20
  • $10
  • $50
  • $100
  • $200

For instance, to recover $0.05, you should watch 5 recordings and arriving at level 10.

Presently, the only ones accessible are USDT and TRX Tron. PayPal isn’t accessible yet, so you ought to introduce the particular wallet to reclaim your crypto.

Download & Invitation Code

And finally, I must request the readers of this article that if you plan to use this game, if possible, use my invitation code. 😄
In addition to supporting me, this will also add some money to you in the game. ❤️

Download TopRich, let’s get rich together! Invitation code: 3856555




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